Celeb and their bra  

Monday, August 25, 2008

Today is Monday

Let's talk about Celebrity and their bra ...

Can i ask a question?

When girl shop for bra, will they buy a matching panties?


I am pleased to inform you, you are in the league of Britney Spears, Rihanna

and Sarah Jessica Parker ....

Fyi, the picture below is Sarah Jessica Parker.. I think she has a bad 'bra' day...

Rihanna - She's trying to be a yellow zebra..

And of course my all time fav. Britney Spears

At least her Bra and panties are of the same colour, diff shades

The story goes:

"Britney Spears is nothing if not spontaneous. The former popstar was spotted taking an impromptu swim at Malibu in just a hot pink bra and skimpy knickers.

After a day of house hunting, she decided to strip off and escape the California heat, squealing with delight as she cooled off in the waves."

I admire her courage.. her 'camel toe' is showing, paparazzi are shooting like free-flow, and she dont give a damn..

Did anyone tell Brooke Shield white bra and black t-shirt dont go together?

Can i ask another question?

Do you like to wear bra?

No? I am pleased to tell you..

You are in the league of Lily Allen, Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna and Britney Spears.

Yes is Rihanna and Britney again, frustrated by the comment about their 'bra' sense they took the easy way out..

to go bra-less....

You see...

I like girls who go bra-less..

The curve of the boobies makes me happy....

But one pic change my mind...

I wish she knows about the invention of bra

and shaver...

*(&*(&$@**$@ Spoilt my mood!!!

I am happy to inform you that she is OK!

for now...

Happy family.. aww so sweet...

I know this is cliche or old news..

But i just saw this video yest..

Usually i have great respect for old woman,

but this is a bit too much already la!!!

i think she and steven lim can hug each other and jump down Singapore river..

p.s after my last post, someone send me a video thru my email. It is damn gross.. i refused to post it here cos is far 10432490823048 x more gross than watever u seen here.

The video goes like this:

It shows a scene of a road, then a motorcyclist try to cut a truck lane.
The truck crash into the bike and the biker went under the wheel, first the front wheel.. he is still intact, then he went over the rear wheel and his body was cut into pieces.. damn bloody and gross..

okay note to myself: no more gross post. and no more links or video ppL!!!!

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