Public Sex in China  

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Okay i have decided to stop putting disclaimer to my blog for sensitive/sexual/whatever post.

As the more i put it, the more curious u guys will be and will still look at it.

So i dont see any point in doing it anymore.

Is amazing my blog has not die a natural death i.e 0 viewers.

Okay as per the title above:
Sex in Public can be exciting and thrilling if you do it discretely...
You know the thrill of whether will you get caught while wanting to finish your 'business'
Look at this couple from China..

I admire their courage to do it in broad daylight......

Doggy Doggy...

Kissing Kissing...

I bet they are just unlucky to get caught by some random passerby..

I mean they must be in some isolated,deserted place right?

Apparently they are not.. They are doing it right behind a market place ..
Seriously.. are they mentally challenged or they had just given "Public Sex" a new defination..
From dumb couple
"Public Sex : Sex in a VERY PUBLIC PLACE.."

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